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Welcome to Westhouses Depot, home of all railway things to do with Westhouses. 


A recent issue of Railways Illustrated carriers an article "When Westhouses was Wedged" 


These headings are for information and pictures about Westhouses Depot and the surrounding lines to be found on this site. The site is intended to grow in depth and scope to cover more of the Erewash.

*Last Updated: 20.08.2014*


Main Map and Surrounding area. 


Westhouses DepotNEW*


On Shed, A list of what Locomotives were seen on Westhouses Shed. 


Yards and Sidings - Tibshelf Sidings, Blackwell Sidings etc.


Working Timetables of the Erewash and Branches 


Signal Boxes of the Erewash and Branches 


Collieries of the Erewash, Pleasley & New Hucknall  Branches 


Stations of the Erewash Valley and the Pleasley Branch 


Sectional Appendix - Of The Erewash and Branches




Links to all things Westhouses, pictures and video. 



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