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British Rail

Westhouses Depot Trip Notices

May 1982

6T01 Class 47 DB/SS
Ex Westhouses HS 0640 SX Three shift MGR trips Riddings Jn (Ex Pye Hill Colliery) to Ratcliffe PS or Castle Donington PS until 0220

6T02 Class 56
Ex Westhouses HS 0645 MO Three shift MGR trips Bentick Colly-Ratcliffe PS until 0320 SO

6T03 Class 56
Ex Westhouses HS 0602 SX Three shift MGR trips Tibshelf Sdgs, Sutton Colliery & Bentinck - Ratcliffe PS until 0320 SO

6T04 Class 56
Ex Westhouses HS 0730 SX one shift MGR trip Tibshelf Sdgs & Silverhill Colliery -Willington PS until 1500

6T05 Class 56
Ex Westhouses HS 0615 SX two shift MGR trip Tibshelf Sdgs & Silverhill Colliery - Staythorpe PS & Willington PS until 2046

9T11 2 x Class 20
Ex Westhouses HS 0645 SX two shift trips to Avenue, Toton NB, Tibshelf Sdgs & Clipstone Colliery, Codnor Pk Sdgs & Avenue until 2100

9T14 Class 20
Ex Westhouses HS 0715 SX one shift Trip & Shunt Ballast / Traffic as required.

9T15 2 x Class 20
Ex Westhouses HS 1000 SX one shift trip Blackwell sdgs, Tibshelf, ECP Co Sdgs, Cripple Sdgs & Toton NB until 1730

There was also a 9T18 Weekend ballast working 2140 Sat - 0435 Sun as required.






The train services left in 1982 were those to Silverhill, Sutton, Bentinck, Pye Hill and either clipstone or sometimes Rufford as per traffic requirements. Gone were the trips to New Hucknall Colliery and Ballast Tip along with Pleasley Colliery nad those of the 1960's to Alfreton, Morton and Blackwell etc. Interesting that Westhouses men were serving Clipstone via the Midland Railway's line from Mansfield South Junction. For all of Toton's might and size, pre 1990, few if any of their drivers were permitted past Pye Bridge Junction. Westhouses men worked Bentinck and the Midland line to Clipstone / Rufford, whilst all the other collieries on the Robin Hood line were Shirebrook's, except for the occasional trip from Barrow Hill to Creswell and from Worksop to Steetly Colliery. The Kirkby Summit Metal Box traffic did however go to Toton after previously being a Nottingham depot job and this eventually saw Toton make further gains on the line, starting with Westhouses' trips to Clipstone and Rufford Collieries and ultimjately right onto the ex LD&EC after the closure as a signing on point of Shirebrook depot in 1991.

Westhouses Depot Trip Notices