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(Above) With the small shunt signal "off" the pair of Class 20's are propelling their train of spoil wagons into Blackwell East Sidings. As the train is sstood on the arrival lines and there are brake vans behind the loco's they have probably arrived from a weekend posession job and ran round their train in order to back it into Blackwell East Sidings.

The white post on the left gave an "off" indication to drivers to denote that the signal from the North curve into Tibshelf Sidings had been cleared. On the gantry, left to right, North curve to New Hucknall branch, North Curve into Blackwell East Sidings, South Curve Arrival line to New Hucknall Branch, South Curve arrival into Blackwell East Sidings and finally South Curve Departure into Blackwell East Sidings. The sub on the ground was for Westhouses Engine Shed whilst the Distant on the far right was for Departure line to Blackwell South Junction onto the Up Main for Alfreton, it was origionally controlled by Blackwell South Signal Box, but by this time it was a Fixed Distant for Trent's signal at Blackwell South.    

In the view below, the distant signal can be easily seen and also that the same shunt signal is off for Class 20's 20040 and 20068 in this Friday the 31st of August 1979 picture. The loco's are probably performing the double shunt from the Arrival line into Blackwell East Sidings, back out and onto the Departure line of the South Curve and then passed the dolly onto the "Long and Short" headshunt roads for the depot. All in all that should be FOUR! change of ends to get the loco's on shed! 





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Blackwell East Signal Box, the line in front of the box was to New Hucknall Colliery. Pics by: M.F.E Marshall   56052 drops onto the shed under the gantry, not the ground disc bottom left of the gantry is off for the move. To the right and behind the gantry is the "off" indicator for the Tibshelf and Blackwell branch junction.












































Blackwell East Gantry Signal Box, Pic by: M.F.E Marshall   

The large arm on the left reads to New Hucknal Colliery, the sub into Blackwell Sidings, same for the next two, the final sub into Blackwell Sidings. The Distant is the Up Departure towards Blackwell South Junction. The distant used to be worked by Blackwell South, but after that box closed with the introduction of Trent, it became an unworked fixed distant for the colour light signal at Blackwell South Junction. The shunt signal on the right was for the shed, the brake vans are on the former coaling stage road.



































Inside Blackwell East Signal Box, Pic by: Steve Freeman

In this 3rd November 1984 view of the signal box, it may be seen that only the frame remains. The windows have been removed and ouside, track clearing and demolition of the remaining buildings is continuing.

The line that was left outside the box was the former north curve line and was used for a short while as an engineer's siding for training purposes. The main reason it was left was with a view to the area being opencasted and although the line was later taken up completely, the area has now opencasted.