Clipstone Colliery



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Link line from Midland

Clipstone Colliery was dual served under BR by the LRM Region of the former Midland and the LNE Region of the form Great Central lines. This wagon label (Right) emphasis this point and shows that the wagon would have reached itt destination of "Nottingham Gas" via Colwick yard near Netherfield. 

The map (Above) shows the link line off of the Midland line that went to Clipstone and the then closed line into Clipstone Colliery. After this all Clipstone traffic was handled via the former LD&EC.

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In 1922 the shafts of Clipstone Colliery were sunk to exploit the Top Hard seam. In the 1950s the shafts were deepened to their current 920m depth to provide access to other seams. In the past the mine worked the Top Hard seam and the High Hazles seam. The most recently worked seams are the Yard, at an approximate depth of 870m, and the Deep soft, at an approximate depth of 760m

After being closed by British Coal in 1993, the colliery was reopened under the control of RJB Mining in April 1994 but later closing again for good in 2003 . 

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