Kirkby Summit

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Courtesy of Chris Booth






(Right) Kirkby Summit in 1974 and (below) shortly before closure as part of the Robin Hood line re-signalling of the line.

Kirkby Summit signal box was a British Railways London Midland Region Type 15 design fitted with a 20 lever London Midland Region Standard frame which opened on 2nd April 1972 in connection with the Kirkby Deviation, a short length of line on the trackbed of the former Great Northern Railway Kirkby Bentinck South Junction to Langwith Junction route.

The Kirkby Deviation allowed the closure of the former Midland Railway route through Kirkby-in-Ashfield town centre, including a busy level crossing and also released land which was formerly track-locked for commercial development.

The box was closed on 18th November 1994 when the absolute block section was extended to between Pinxton and Sutton Junction signal boxes, and was demolished to allow the building of a new Kirkby Summit signal box which would control signalling on stage 2 of the Robin Hood line from September 1995

The box carries two British Rail corporate identity printed design nameplates
























 Another benefit of the box was the easier access that it gave to the Metal Box branch which can be seen leaving the Down Main in the above two pictures. This branch was also host to a small siding for the engines that were attatched to the front of trains requiring addtional brake force on their way down the gradient to Pinxton. There was a special horn code at Sutton Juction for trains requiring such assistance - 1 short and 1 long, as of the June 1976 Sectional Appendix this entry was deleted however. Trains appraoching from the south wishing to take the Rufford  line at Mansfield South Junction also had a horn code of 1 Long and 2 short. These codes could then be converted into Bell codes by the signaller to send to the next box to make them aware of what was to happen. Today on the site of the box sits the new Kirkby Summit PSB.