Pinxton Signal Box - Closed June 2007

Method of signalling

AB to Sleights Sdgs East (Up Direction)

AB to Kirkby Summit  (Down Direction)

Line speeds

40mph on the Up to Sleights Sdgs East and 20mph on the Down to Kirkby Summit.

Opening Hours.

1400 Sunday - 1900 Saturday.


Formally: Station Road, Pinxton. Now: Barrow Hill




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The latter Signal Box Box Diagram after rationlisation of the station yard.












A classic shot as a pair of "Twenties" take the Bentinck line, note the smaller arm, No. 20 in the off position. This signal was knocked over in an accident when some wagons derailed whilst coming off the branch towards the box.





Not too many years before the box was closed the old Midland Railway style steps were replaced, these pics were taken during that work. The boards were for giving the driver the Bentinck line staff.  







The earlier Signal Box Box Diagram, of note are the semaphore disants (1 & 19) the additional yard sidings, sidings No. 2 off of the Bentinck branch and the trailing connection which explains why Signal No. 6 was in the forward section to Kirkby Summit.