Silverhill Colliery



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The 20's have arrived at Silverhill and ran round their train, they are now pushing them back towards the loading bunker, once they have gone all the way under the bunker they can start to draw forward loading the train as they go.










Silverhill Colliery.
Sutton Colliery Junction.
To Sutton Colliery.

Great Northern to Skegby.

Teversal Colliery.

Straight Mile

Teversal Midland Station.

To Pleasley Colliery and Mansfield Woodhouse












Straight Mile - After closure the line to Silverhill slowly became overgrown and ever harder o walk along. That was of course until the line becanme the Teversal Trail. Sad to see the loss of the railway infrastructure, but at least it's now easy to walk.

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