One of the signal box diagrams from the Tibshelf East Junction that stood on the Down side of the Pleasley Branch. The origional to this picture may be found in the Midland Railway Study Centre, in Derby at the Silk Mill.

This box can be seen in a video on Youtube using the links page  


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Tibshelf East Junction
























This Tibshelf East Junction took over the consolidated functions of: "Tibshelf Weighing Machine Sidings" "Tibshelf Sidings" and the former "Tibshelf East" Signal box. To the South the box worked to Blackwell East Junction and into Tibshelf Sidings. To the North at the time of it's opening the line was still physically double track to Sutton Colliery Junction but it's unclear whether it worked as such. Latterly the line to Sutton Colliery Junction was worked by Token until the box was closed and the instrument was placed inside Tibshelf Shunter's cabin. After the signal box closed the crossing became "Tibshelf Open Crossing" and Eddie Holden has an excellent video of a pair of Twenties crossing the level crossing. (Click Here).                 























Two signal lever back plates from the Tibshelf East Junction frame. The left hand one was to allow movements from the Top end as it was often referred to as, along the Up and Down Goods Branch, (formerly No.2 Goods) towards the bottom end where trains could then take the "North Curve" to Blackwell East or onto the Bi-directional loop for Blackwell South. The second plate is for the release lever which worked in conjunction with Blackwell East to allow trains to travel Up the Up and Down Goods Branch (formerly No.2 Goods).