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(Below) This 1981 view of Tibshelf Sidings is full of detail. On the left a Peak is heading South with a Sheffield - St Pancras, note the diagonal pieces of rail which were part of several research crossings that were installed by Derby Research and remained place for a furth 20 years! after serving their purpose! The next line is the bi-directional Goods whilst the rest of the lines are all part of Tibshelf Sidings. The line into the Sidings has a bend in it because there once a arrival and departure line with the latter passing under the loading gauge which can be seen in the phot and is still there in 2011.

The two dollies are controlled by Blackwell East box and give access to the bi-directional line to Blackwell South and the North Curve to Blackwel East. At the far end of the yard are gun powder wagons for Alfreton Exploosives and Chemicals. The Distant signal facing the camera is Tibshelf East's Distant for the Bi-Directional No.2 Goods to Tibshelf East. The other 3 are the Distant for the Bi-directional to Blackwell South along with the Starter on top. To the right is Tibshelf East's Starter to Blackwell East Junction.













20169 & 20015 arrive at Tibshelf Sidings on 25.2.1992 with a loaded train from Silverhill Colliery. The Sidings by this time however consisted of just one through running line. Over on the right is the last remaining railway building in the Westhouses area. Latterly it was home to the travelling shunter that travelled with each train from Tibshelf Sidings to Silverhill.


(Left) Also in 1981 on Monday the 2nd of March a pair of Twenties are about to Tibshelf Sidings for Westhouses Depot after bringing a loaded rake of wagons along the Tibshelf Branch. Copyright roger geach and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons LicenceNote the spoil heaps in the background from the opencast mining of the area.