In this early pic of Westhouses & Blackwell Station we see a short Passenger train in the Up platform. A purely speculative suggestion but the train could be a Mansfield train that has arrived at Westhouses & Blackwell via the Pleasley Branch, it's difficult to think that it would have come from much further afield tender first?

The signals on the left are from top left: Westhouses & Blackwell's Down Main Starter, underneath that is Tibshelf South Junction's Down Main Distant. To the right, (Slightly below) is Tibshelf's Distant for crossover to the Down Goods and finally to the right (Slightly higher) is the Tibshelf's Distant for the Down Pleasley Branch.


The Westhouses & Blackwell running in board. 


















The Station Building

The classic Midland Railway "H" shape design.

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